Help removing extra header spacing on SPA

I am so close to launching but its these annoying little things - my single page app gaps down when I click out to the different sections: TIA :slight_smile:

it is counter intuitive but adding groups that will collapse when hidden is how I get rid of gaps when I am building things “on top” of each other.

I’d check to make sure that first group you have is set to “collapse height” when hidden

Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 1.57.08 AM

This is at the bottom of the element editor for groups and repeating groups.

I often use spacer groups that are there purely to eliminate gaps when other elements are hidden while the ones below are still visible.

The colored groups are “spacers”…it helps me to use colors when testing with different colors for different spacers so I can see which ones are hiding and closing the gap correctly and which are not.

I also need to use spacers for responsive design to keep margins etc.

Could you please upload a screen shot of what your app looks like in dark mode and regular mode, because all other design aspects look fantastic.

I just listened to the rest of your video and your questions about how to know if there is the gap or if you should move the elements.

I would move the elements up on the page, as they should be set to not be visible until the user selects from the menu, therefore it doesn’t matter if they are placed at the top, which is where they should be so as to avoid such a large gap from header to the element in view.

If you have difficulty, let me know and if you feel comfortable with creating a “copy” and open it for others to edit, it should be a simple enough fix…

just make sure you use the X and Y coordinates on the element editor to help align things correctly.

Hi there, sorry for the delay. You are so helpful and I really appreciate it! I am making a copy right now to see if you can assist. TIA :slight_smile:

I opened the link you sent…the editor is blank, so I can’t see anything to be able to try and help

@boston85719 I clearly dont know how to make a correct copy :frowning: #help

when you copy make sure to select copy database…then check it worked. If so send me the link in a private message…I opened the link yesterday and at first saw things…about 30 minutes later returned to it and didn’t see things, so not sure what could have happened but might be better to share the link in private message

Thank you ! I will try again

@boston85719 i sent you a PM

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