[HELP] Request Access Button

So I am trying to build a CAD/MDT System and need a Request Access Button. I have all the items they need to fill out, just need a button to where they arnt signing up, they are asking for access to the app. Screenshots below so you can see what I’m on about lmao.

This is the pop-up I made, but I need something like this:

I only need help with the button at the bottom :slight_smile:

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Easiest way would be to allow them to set a Identifier later on (Once they have an account) like this.

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Can you add me on Discord and teach me how to do something like that then?

Sure, i cant show much though, but my discord is TheIammadmatt#3805

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What I would do is still use the Sign Up workflow and create them an account but have a data field on the user something like ‘Status’ which will populate with ‘temporary’ when they click request access.

Then when you approve them just change the data using another data modification workflow to be ‘confirmed’ or ‘approved’ for example.

You can then set rules for displaying pages/data based on the status of that data field (hiding data for non-approved members etc.

You can then have a scheduled API workflow that runs in the background which deletes any temporary users after a certain time period, just to keep it cleaned up in your data base.

In the database you’ll also be able to filter between approved and non approved users, and use that email list for targeted onboarding and comms.

If you need me to do it for you happy to negotiate.



Could you like show me, because that how I learn alot better when watching a person do it. If you can, can you add me on Discord with ZINKS123#1042

But how do I change user status if I want to accept? do i need to upgrade cause i use the free version…


I’m sorry for the long reply. I will add you on Discord as soon as I can :slight_smile: