Help saving Radial buttons and drop down values

I have a social network that im building. All the videos ive seen only show email and password sign ups. On my join page , I want the user to select multiple choices in a 2 column radial button area, select 2 check boxes, and select an age range of which i have typed a list of age ranges in a drop down menu to choose from. How do get the sign me up button to save these fields into the users profile when signing them up?

Like, save them on current user and sign the user up maybe? Have you even tried? It’s so not hard. Also, you might want to run thru the tutorials.

Thanks so much for not helping. Don’t know what I would have done without this response.


But my answer is correct. Do you have a different question?

When you add the signup workflow, under the mail and password fields (for link it to the mail/password input) under that, you can add + values to be saved.

You can add many as you want, just remember in the field check the option “this input should not be empty”.
Then just select the database field and link the input where the value comes from.

Back to my previous comments you don’t actually even need to do this. Save the data on Current User prior to signup and it’ll magically get attached. Jussayin.

You may want used to confirm it/change it via a UI element, but you don’t HAVE to do that…

The problem appears when I select the drop down item and adhere the value. It is still asking for more info. The age field is set to numeric range because the choices are say 5-10, 11-15 etc.

Well the numeric range can’t be filled with dropdown, instead of that you can use Slider input.

If you want to show the actual value of the slider drag a text and use the Slider min - max


Id rather steer away from the slides for the user. I decided maybe to have them type in the age but even then I get red if the field is {age= Input age’s value}

Double check your age database is number type, and your age field is number too.

yes database is number. content format is text (numbers only) there isnt an option for just number.

Use Integer option. Because text (numbers only) is a text not number.

Didn’t know numbers only wasn’t considered numbers. ok got it. Now about the radial options. Since I cant use multi radial for the user to select multi options, i made individual radials inside along with 2 mandatory separate checkboxes. How do add all of the users selections to the sign up workflow?

@weknowcity What changes did you make? Your screenshot looks exactly like my problem. I’m trying to save the age range input from a dropdown into my database. It just keeps asking me for more info…

How did you do it?