Help searching my things

I have 3 usertypes and a thing called CONTRACT. Contract has various feilds including one for usertype A, B and C (the parties on the contract).

User A can find contracts that relate to that user and can also search for contracts and then look at the contract’s user B’s feilds.

I need another data type called timesheet. This timesheet will only be relevant to a specific contract and will contain information like the number of hours worked etc. Each contract will have multiple timesheets.

I’m having trouble deciding how to set this up. I need each usertype to be able to view timesheets that relate to contracts where they are listed as a user.

  • do I set a feild on the contract data type named timesheet and have it be a list?
  • or should I have a timesheet with a feild called contract relating back to the contract?
  • something else?

It’s easy to find the timesheets if searching as the user that created them but searching as the other users is frying my brain.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions.


Is anyone able to help here?

Thank you for the feedback!

The contract already has all 3 users associated with it - Creator / Client / Contractor.

Lists confuse me a bit - the contractor will create many timesheets over the duration of a contract. When they submit the timesheet how would I add it against the correct contract and not a contract with different owners? I am probably looking at it wrong!

Essentially what i need to do here is allow the agency to view all the timesheets created by contractors it manages and adding an “agency” field to the timesheet object feels like cheating :slight_smile:

Thats the souce im using for the repeating group but its still red when i click off - says it wants a list but is empty

There are many roads that will take you where you want to go.
But to work with bubble, you will need lists. It’s better to face it now, and its not so hard to understand once you work with them for a while.
I believe the best way to do it is creating a field timesheets in your contract thing. Be sure to clik on the “this field is a list” checkbox when creating it. I suspect the one you already created was nor checked as a list and that’s why it can’t be the data source for your RG.
I would also create a field list of users like @Bluflame_Labs suggested.
These fields will make it easiers and faster when you want to search your db for timeheets of a specific contract.
To add a new timesheet to a contract, you will need an element on the page to allow your users to select what contract they want to add it to.
It could be a dropdown, in case you are dealing with few contracts or a searchbox if you expect to have many contracts for the user to choose.
Also, if tou don’t have yet, it will probably help to have a name field for your contracts so that users can find them more easily at this time.
If you want to more details, I would suggest going to or reaching out to @romanmg for private lessons.
That’s how I learned to work with bubble. And sone chair time, of course. :grin:

Yep i have given in and am using lists now - slowly getting there! Now im stuck sorting the results (I just made a new thread). Will be reaching out to coachingbubble soon - im writing a list :slight_smile: