Help setting up civ and police search for civ

I am trying to make it were civ create a char no other civ can see it as well as when police search the civ char name it pops up only that char stuff please anyone that can help would be very helpful please

Hello! Props to you for taking the road less traveled by and making your own CAD / MDT system.

As for creating a character that only the creator can see, that’s simple! First, create a repeating group. This repeating group will be used to select your character. In the data source, put “Do a search for” and have it search for the Civilian data. Then, put a condition on it: “Created By = Current User.” That will ensure that users only see Civilians that they created. Next, put a group in the first repeating group cell. Set the groups thing to “Civilian” and put its source as “Current Cell’s Civilian.” After that, add a workflow to the group. Have it display the group’s Civilian in another main group, such as the page itself. Then, you can use the page for information, such as the name of the Civilian. Anyhow, back to the repeating group. In the group that you’ve just created, put a text box. Then, put in dynamic data. The data should be “Parent group’s Civilian’s Name.” I highly suggest having a First Name, Last Name, and Name on your Civilian data for ease of use. Now, it should be all set up.

As for searching, make a search box on the MDT that’s searching for a Civilian’s Name. Add a “When input’s value is changed” input, and set the input to this search box. In the workflow, have it display data in the parent group of your text boxes for the search results.

I know this is a lot to take in, especially for a beginner. If you don’t understand the terminology or how things work, I highly suggest watching the tutorials on Bubble’s website. Also, there are many tutorials on Youtube. Hope this helped you out!

Collin F.


For the Name Searching how would I do that can you explain that a little more. I have no clue what you mean by “When input’s value is changed Input.”

Sorry, it appears I mis-typed that. What I meant to say was 'Add a “When Input’s value is changed” workflow, and set the workflow up to work with the search box"

Hope that helps!

Can you link your discord so I can get in contact with you? I have more questions that I think you may be able to answer