Help showing and manipulating random data from Thing

Hello everyone, first of all, I’d like to thank the whole forum community, it’s my first post here but I’ve learned a lot from everyone.

Now let’s get down to the problems, I’m creating a bubble page, it’s a random generator of ideas for design projects.

I created a Thing called Ideas and added all the deliverables, types and clients I already have in the database.

When entering the page the user is faced with the following sentence: “Make (deliverable) for (type) (client)”

Example: Make a logo for an ecological restaurant

Below the sentence the user has access to two buttons: ACCEPT and TRY AGAIN

When I click try again I would like the information displayed in the sentence to change randomly, but I can not.

By clicking on accept I would like the user to be directed to the ASSETS session where a sentence would appear: The right assets for your (client) project.

Example: The right assets for your restaurant project

and just below a list of all the assets (this is another Thing) filtered by the client displayed.

This is the link to the project:

I hope someone can help and thanks for everything.

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