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Help! Site failing for other users; works fine when I try

I built a site using Bubble that lets people register a User account, and “pledge” an action or good deed they want to do.

My wife and I tested it extensively, and it works great. User account gets created smoothly, “pledges” get created smoothly, and display properly, etc.

But when we launched it live to friends, no one’s pledges seem to be being created. I do see a handful of User accounts of friends that were successfully created, but no new pledges in the database (except for the first friend who tried it, and his pledge worked.)

When I ask a friend to walk-through and create a pledge, nothing shows up. But when I try it, it works fine. Whaa??

HELP! Any ideas? I checked the workflows and everything seems in order. I am at a loss to think what could cause such a “bug”.

Could this be a geography issue? Does Bubble work/not work differently based on location somehow?

Edit/Update - It seems some people’s submissions are making it through now, but still not sure why the original ones dropped, and also not sure whether any are still dropping. People aren’t reporting back to me about their experience, so it’s hard to tell.

No that can’t be a geography issue. For us to help you we need a closer examination of the workflows on the site. Can you share the link to thee editor?

Did you try to create another account for your self and examining the debugger?

Maybe a development/live data issue.

Are you sure you are looking in the right place for the data ?

Yes, I logged out, created another account, submitted, and it worked fine. I even logged out of my Bubble admin account, thinking maybe that was affecting things. But it still always worked for me.

Yes, I specifically looked in Live data.

That’s very strange. How many friends are talking about? Also, if they disable cookies or do weird things, that can’t interfere with the app. But many people doing that is unlikely.