Help to build "simple" Artificial Intelligence functions for an App

Hi there.
I’m trying to build a “straightforward” app but I’m not sure how.

Say you would take a picture of some objects with your phone.

I would then like to help the user confirm the nature of the objects ( I believe Google Lens does that pretty well, so could I use it through an API? or an equivalent?)

The app would also automatically gather some specific information on the net (rather than do the reasearch on his own):
For example, you would take a picture (or import a pic) of a great living room at a friend’s place.
=> The app would recognize the various objects (lamp, chair, table…), (confirmed by the user), and also propose:

  • descriptions of the specific objects (taken from a website) (bedside lamp designed by etc etc)
  • places to buy it new or second hand (so access to search results pages / database of some famous websites), ordred by price etc…
  • a selection of context of use pictures (say via Pinterest, Amazon, Ebay)
  • Then, it would create a folder/page/pdf with the relevant selected info, to share it to someone (say to wife to get it approved)

Oh, and, for another use case, I would like the app to dig into the user’s emails (ex: I take pictures of all my furnitures at home, and I wanna know where and when I bought them, searching from invoices/orders on my emails), or how much I spent to furnish a room.

Does that sound possible/easy/clar to anyone who would point me at some directions?

Thanks a million million time, and don’t hesitate if I can also do anything to help in return

You should be able to identify an image. Check out Cloud Vision by Google, you should be able to connect to this through the API connector.

Searching all of someone’s emails would be a little trickier and will likely be provider specific. Here’s some info on searching outlook and gmail emails through API Use the Microsoft Search API in Microsoft Graph to search messages - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Docs and Searching for Messages  |  Gmail API  |  Google Developers