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Help to integrate Agora Voice SDK or Daily Voice API


I’m looking for help to connect Agora Voice SDK to my bubble app. There is currently no Agora plugin that works with voice, only video.

Or, any other plug-in suggestions that could reach the same end goal?

Would anyone be available?


Does it need to be Agora? I think Daily video API Bubble plugin might be able to do this. Their blog shows a clubhouse like app can be made with their API. @lola has been helpful with getting me started, maybe she can chime in.

Any more details on what you are trying to achieve?

@lewzeland - thank you for your response! No it doesn’t need to be Agora. The reason I suggested it was because I couldn’t find any plug-in with voice. My impression was that Daily was also just video but that would be great if it works.

Yeah, I need clubhouse style functionality where uses can join multi-user rooms but the key functionality it one on one private calls - either rooms or phone calls. I thought maybe Twilio could help too but, again, could only find their sms and video plugins.

@lola I had a look around and Daily looks great. Would you be able to confirm if the above would be possible? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @julia1 ! Thanks for reaching out. Yep, you can make it so that calls are audio-only with the Daily plugin.

First, you’ll want to use the daily - create room plugin action to create a call room. Here’s what that looks like

and then you’ll want to use the daily- join room action and set the style to audio-only which will make it so the user experiences the call as audio-only.

There’s also a draft tutorial up here about working with the plugin but we’re in the middle of reworking it. Let me know if you have any questions about the plugin or need any help! Happy to chat about it, or take a look at your setup :slight_smile:

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