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Help to make an app. Someone?

My intention is to build an app to connect signal providers on financial markets to users brokers.

Ex: In the stock market, there are many people that sell signals as indications for investiments on stock market. I have seen companys offering to conect those signals that are sente via TELEGRAM, to users brokers. This way signals are sent straight to yout brokers account without clients action.

Did I make it clear ?

I can show an example of one app the does exactly what I am looking for.



Hey I can help

Hi! Actually recently we build a company of such partners and we work with following principle: You just pay $1999 subscription fee and get your own NoCode Developer for full time! Just text me by email, we will schedule a Zoom meeting and I will tell you more about us. And yes, we have a 7 Days Trial :slight_smile:
[email protected]