Help: Triggering API Connector when search/filter inputs change

I am in process of connecting my front end in Bubble to back end in Xano and setting up the API connections for this. (for a recipe finder app, for context)

I have a search and filter page with numerous dropdown filters and a search that is an input for Xano fuzzy search. On the same page is a repeating group that gives the results of a query based on the search/filter inputs (e.g. recipes that meet the criteria). Ideally I want the repeating group to update each time one of the search/filter inputs is changed.

As some of the filters are multidropdowns that create array/lists, I have the API set up as a POST (because GET doesn’t play easily with lists as I understand) and Use-Type as Data. With this set up, the initialise call to Xano works fine.

The issue is that when I try to use the form in preview mode, I either don’t get the API to trigger at all on load/inputs changing, or it throws a ‘400 Bad Request’.

First scenario: Using the following set up, Xano does not register the API being triggered at all:
In the data source for the Repeating Group (which is the external API body), I have the search/filter inputs set up as ‘formatted as JSON-safe’ to avoid throwing a ‘null’ string, and in the JSON-body on the API Connector I have accordingly left out “” marks.
I also have a data source set up on the group container containing the whole form (which may be incorrect). The data source for this is set as the external API, and the inputs for this are again set up as ‘formatted as JSON-safe’.

Second scenario: If I set things up same as above, but remove the ‘formatted as JSON-safe’ from the group container data source inputs, the API does trigger, but throws a ‘400 Bad Request’. I understand why this a bad request. But I don’t then understand why the first scenario gives no request at all.

My questions:

  1. Is there something missing from my set up above, to make the API trigger?
  2. Why is JSON-safe formatting of inputs not triggering the API call, if the unformatted inputs do (albeit resulting in a bad call)?



If you want to find and call the API in workflow please change this to action.

You can display data in the repeating group directly from the API call in your workflow steps. (In case you are not saving the data in database).