Help trying to save input text

legit just trying to be able to save text in those boxes. like someone puts in their name so that the data is saved and displayed. so when i refresh the new text stays in the boxes. thanks

and no none of the toutorials are helping me

This is perhaps the most basic functionality of Bubble. I think you need to go through the tutorials again. But I may be able to help. Please first list what you’ve done so far to accomplish this and I’ll try to fill in the blanks.

Ok so ive input the text boxes. I need the information in said boxes to stay in the boxes when i hit refresh sorry im 2 days into this and ive gone over the first toutorial several times for this specific thing but makes me do a geo location and i need it to save their info when they enter information in the text boxes the text thats in the boxes already save. But when i enter a name in the name box and save ie: name: john smith then save but the box goes back to saying just name: thats where im stuck and the videos and the help topics are not helping me at all sorry im a str8 newb i admit it. I mean im here to ask questions if im stuck

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