Help - UI design

Hei guys just need a little trick here.

I m trying to copy this violet page. I m seeing that when opened in mobile basically the down part where there is the button “Cominciamo” is basically stacked there and I can’t scroll → that s what I want to reach.

When I m trying with my bubble page I see this problem:

  1. The button is covered bvy the Google Chrome mobile lower part
  2. I can basically scroll

How can I reach the first page settings?

Try to reduce your image’s size and reduce your page’s overall minimum height

My man! Thanks, it worked and is already good like that but it continue to be scrolling somehow - why that? @ntabs

You need to reduce your page’s minimum height. You must’ve resized your image to be smaller but still kept the page’s height

I deleted the image (that was actually a background image on a group - so not an actual image) and I reduce the size to minimum but still is scrolling if i try to swipe down

Have a look:


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