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Help Understanding my Data for a User uploaded shop

Hello! I am a newbie to Databases and need some advice.

I am working on a bubble site that allows users to create products and sell them.

I want my users to be able to create a new product and select from an apparel, mug, pen, etc then be able to edit each item. I am working on setting up the apparel type first. They input a name, front image, back image, product type(shirt, tank, etc), how much profit they want to make(this displays what the product will sell for), and pick the color of the product.

My database currently has these items:
Types of Apparel Products

  • Type - name of product (t-shirt, tank, etc)
  • Base Price - Number
  • Colors Available - list of texts

Apparel Products(user created apparel product)

  • Name - text
  • Type of Apparel - Types of Apparel Products
  • Front Image - image
  • Back Image - image
  • Profit - number
  • Color - (not sure)

I am confused about how to implement the product colors. I do not really understand how lists of texts work or how I can add and edit them.

Thanks so much!

Also I have looked online for any tutorials for bubble databases but I have not found many in depth ones. Are there any good ones out there?