[Help] User Access Level Logic

  1. I am making a restaurant app
  2. The app enable Owner to create staff account

A. How do I allow superadmin to “log out” staff account? i found it can only logout “current user”
B. my initial plan was to create a new Data “Staff Account”, with item username/password, and accessible item. But then considering i cant log the “user” out as there is no “user” ( if login only matching username/password under data Staff Account )

Any idea, or better way to implement this?

You could add a new field onto the user data type, called something like “Log Out?”. Then add a condition on page load (for all of the relevant pages) whereby if user is logged in and Current User’s ‘Log Out?’ is yes then log out.

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Honestly, this is brilliant.

ya. it solved.
so the superhost can remote control other user logged session.