Help! User accounts, emails disappearing during onboarding

Hi, folks. Hoping someone can help me find a solution, though I’m beginning to strongly suspect I’ve fallen victim to a bug.

I launched a fun, little application last week that lets users text-troll their friends with facts about tigers. (It even earned a shoutout from Bubble on Twitter. Thank you, @vivienne :slight_smile:)

I tested the application quite a bit before launch, and everything seemed smooth. Then, I started experiencing issues around user onboarding, and despite extensive troubleshooting, I can’t seem to solve them. These are serious UX issues, affecting about 20 percent of users at this point. They fall into two general categories.

  1. User Records Disappearing — A users signs up. They receive a verification email. They follow the verification link. Everything works fine. Then they try to login, and their user record has mysteriously disappeared without a trace.
  2. User Emails Dropped During Sign-Up — A separate (possibly related?) issue is that I am seeing users emails dropped from my email verification workflows. It’s just there in one step and gone the next. I’ve examined my server logs. I’ve examined my workflows. Nothing seems amiss.

In both cases, the noted behavior seems to happen completely at random, affecting some users but not others with no easily distinguishable pattern between the two. What’s worse, I have no way of knowing when it’s happened, except to examine my server logs every evening to see if someone has been dropped — or to receive an angry message from a would-be customer.

It’s maddening and makes me feel less than confident in onboarding more users until I know what’s going on. I would appreciate any help the community can offer. I’m hoping I’ve just overlooked something stupid.

Thank you!


Thanks @ts11! Sorry that you’re experiencing issues. If you haven’t already, make sure you share this information in a bug report so that our Customer Success team can help address it. They’re going to need more information from you to reproduce the error (things you probably don’t want to share on the forum, like info about your actual users to whom this issue specifically happened) so that they can help.

Thanks for the reply, Vivienne! I was hoping that I might be overlooking something, so wanted to put to the community before filing an official bug report. That said, I’ll go ahead and do that now.

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