Help! Validation mail error in duplicated app

Hi! I am having a problem reintegrating SendGrid with a duplicated application.
Before copying it, it was configured with a different custom domain and another SendGrid sender id.

And now after configuring the new sender id and the API key I get this error referring to the old sender id. Looks like Bubble keeps trying to send the verification mail from the old sender id.

Has this happened to anyone before?
Is there something to reset in Bubble so that I forget that previous sender id?

Did you change the URL in your sendgrid account?

Thank you @boston85719 for your answer.
What URL are you referring to?
I removed the old Sender Id and set up a new one.
In addition to what SendGrid asked me for the new Sender Id, I did not change another URL.

I was referring to what it looks like sendgrid displays as domain.

I’m not familiar with the platform, but i’ve experienced a similar issue and what I was using I forgot to change the domain in the 3rd party console

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It could be a Bubble issue… looks like as it has the previous Sender Id saved, for some reason perhaps it needs to verify that Id still exists in order to proceed to update it with the new one.
But since I already remove it from SendGrid, it can’t find it and maybe stops at that step.
But i´m not sure.

By the way I searched and couldn’t find another url setting in SendGrid. :frowning: