[Help] Web App Background Sync

I have a Restaurant Apps, 1 module = Kitchen Display System
it regulary feed KDS with latest Task.

My Problem:
On Android Tab:

  1. It work perfectly fine for maybe 5~15mins.
  2. After inactive for sometime ( no touch ), even screen is still on, the Web app no longer Synced with Server.
  3. The chef needed to manually refresh the browser to get new Feed.
  • I trying the some setting on Android. But i wish to know
    Is there any solution from Bubble’s end?

Because i dont want My App is not ready to run on Android without specific setting…
( meaning, each device, i need to guide how to adjust setting )

A simple solution would be to have a workflow that will update a Thing regularly (as often as you need it)

For example every 5 mins update Last Called field of the first item of Timestamp

In this example ‘Timestamp’ is a Thing with a date field called ‘Last Called’. Timestamp has only 1 item in it.

will try this. Thanks for the suggestion. will feedback here after real world application