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Help when sharing app

Hi, when sharing a link to my website I am shown the following. How do I change this please? Some pages of my website show my logo and name but some don’t. Please advise.


Please, check if you can disable here:

I hope this helps!

On each page you can set Title, Description and Image.

This is where you’re going to set the image and words for the links you’re sharing.

Hi, I have changed the description and title within each page and edited the meta tags but I still cannot change the home pages sharing information. On other pages it is fine but on two pages it does not seem to change? Any suggestions?

I would also make sure you followed @mateusproto’s answer, where he showed you the Settings, SEO / metatags, and changing the information in there.

Also, your website may have cached that web pages information. I would try posting your link somewhere (like bubble) where you haven’t posted your link yet, to see if your website has successfully updated.

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What do you mean by “home pages”? The Index page? Every page is going to have the settings that I posted above.

If that doesn’t work then yes I agree with @mateusproto “Thumbnail used for links”.

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