Help with a B2B2C app scenario


I am new to bubble but fell in love with it for a while now, I am trying to migrate a webapp that I created on another set of tools.

  • My app covers a service for agencies, these agencies provide service to end customers in the form of reports
  • Advisors belong to Agencies
  • Advisors are able to create and send a report to an End Customer.
  • End Customer will then go into the report (unique URL) and fill out lots of information, etc.

An Agency will have an admin
Agencies can have multiple advisors
Advisor needs to have an account and be logged in
End Customer does not need to be logged in
A report is unique

I am looking for help on two things mainly.
Multi tenant template that could help me speed up the Agency/Advisor user management
I have no idea how to create a unique id AND make it a webpage so end users will fill out their specific information.

Anyone out here already faced some of these problems?

Thanks a lot!