Help with action

Is there any action that can point to current session ? Like the user either online or offline is seeing the website now (current session) if it goes way and then comeback is another session

I wanted to do the same thing, unfortunately there isn’t and it would be a nice feature for Bubble to add.

To track people you can use the Efactive plugin.

I kida solved it by using the random item action from a data source. So that everytime the user comes back a new item pops up

You can also install a timer so you kick out (loggout) your user after 30 minutes

tht wouldn t be much user friendly. Because this a listings app, if the user spends much time searching and researching that can be frustrating

You can ask "this session will log out in 5 minutes, still there? " And you can save the search in cookie (or internal browser storage). See the plugin Browser Storage. You can reopen with a Welcome Back, list of your last search…

That makes a difference indeed. And it is something to think about not for this particular case but indeed for the all app. For this case the solution I found was the one above said where it shows a random item from a selected filter.