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Help with Adding a new entry

i am looking for help in adding a new entry in DB from the form i created.

my form has few fields but the ones i m struggling with are Mentee name (list of Mentee’s pulling from Mentee table in a option box), 2nd is Mentor, i put a condition to display only the Mentor mapped with Mentee in the table. the codition is working fine. whenever i select a Mentee , it gives me the Mentor name in the Mentor field

now i added a workflow on the submit button , all other values are successfully adding but i m not able to resolve an error on Mentor name
2022-06-20 at 23.04

i have a demo in couple of days, i would really appreciate some help please


Hover on the red text and Bubble will show the error why this is happening…

Hey @u4usama ,

Here is what i have assumed that you have:

  1. you have created an option set of Mentee
  2. you have created a database of Mentor
  3. each Mentee has only one Mentor connected with it
  4. each Mentor has one or more Mentee connected with it

what you need to do:

  1. create a field “Mentee” with type “List of Mentee(that is your option set)”
  2. add Mentee in each Mentor’s data
    now the Mentee and Mentor are connected with each other
  3. now set the place holder for Mentor input:
    ‘do a search of Mentor’ > add a new constraint > Mentee = input Mentee’s value
    That’s it.

hope this will help you.

it seems to me like you are trying to save text (mentor name) to a field of type (user or mentor). if that’s the case you just need to apply the same expression you have for placeholder in the workflow page up to mentor, don’t get to the name.

Thanks @hanan1 , you are right, i m trying to save text to a field of type User but i don’t understand your solution, can you please elaborate it a more


I mean this is how the expression should be in your workflow:
But you should add your own expression:
search for mentees:filtered:first item filter is the same one you applied in the placeholder.

the idea here is that you are not taking the value from the input field when click submit, because the input’s value is a text. And your database expects user. So you need to tell the workflow which mentor to choose because you can’t use the input field.