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Help with 'adding items to a thing' - for a booking app

Hi Y’all,

I’m hoping someone can shed light on my issue.

I have a model (fashion) booking platform that I’m working on with the following workflow.

A client creates a Job. (Fills out all details and fees involved)

Then a client adds a model(s) to the job. Models have a unique ID associated with them - same as their User accounts.

Then models are displayed in a repeating group on the Jobs page - as they have been added to the job.

My issue is that the model_ID_list is not being populated with the model’s ID when I click 'Add’

Database - See ‘Model_ID_list’

Here is a copy of my app: -

The page in questions is ‘client_job_details’ and the popup is ‘popups search a model’

Any help would be appreciated muchly.


Can’t go in and find the problem without accessing the editor, or had a login to see that specific page with the debugger but here are a couple common problems I have faced when trying to add data…

  1. Check that the ‘Parent’s Group Booking’ value is there, are you using the ‘Display Data’ workflow in the same workflow that opens the popup?
  • recreate that step, then use the ‘Inspect’ button, and verify that the popup does indeed contain a Booking
  1. Double check your parameters that show up in the repeating group
  • also look in the database to see if the data was added correctly and is just not showing, or if it was never added at all

Beyond that would need to see the guts of your app to trouble shoot more

I’ve now made the app public @gf_wolfer

Thanks for helping!

‘Display’ Data seemed to do the trick @gf_wolfer. I managed to populate the model_Id_list.

Do you take check or credit card :slight_smile:

what user account is best to test it using the Run As function?

Gregory or Mark

So I could not access the page to troubleshoot, because I first need to be on another page that sends a ‘Job’ to it in the header. And the app is set as read only.

But I think the problem is in your Repeating Group.
The data is set to Bookings, but should be set to Models
Then the data source will be “Current Page Booking’s Model IDs”

Wait sorry, you can’t do that, as the Model Unique ID is not the actual model, but just a text

Ok set the app to anyone can edit now.

The process is:

  1. Create a job from the ‘Create a job’ button in the header
  2. Fill in the job details
  3. Add a model to the job.

The Repeating Group still needs to be Models, but you need to “Do a Search For Models” and a constraint would be something along the lines of Models Unique ID is in Parent Group Bookings Model’s ID List.

Could be simpler to reference if you add a List of Model’s to the Booking Data Type, then you can just reference Parent Group’s Booking’s List of Models

Hm weird, when I try add a second person to the job, the repeating group goes blank and the ID it not added to the model_id_list.

It would be easier and will load quicker if we change the way your data is, do you mind if we adjust the Booking to have a List of Models?
Or were you referring to the Unique ID for a specific reason?

I made some changes that are more in line with typical Bubble workflows. I can switch things back if you want, but things should load quicker using these practices.

First - from the Client Profile page
I added a red button that navigates to the job page, and sends the data with it. This is common practice to navigate from page to page within Bubble, and if you do use a link, do not use an External link and reference it back to your app - this can cause problems.

Second - the Page’s Booking on the Client_job_details
it loads from the data that was sent to it now, instead of trying to get the data from the URL

The popup when opened, also has a workflow that “Displays Data” in it

I added List of Models as a data type to Booking. This makes it A LOT easier to reference the models assigned to a job. Also, speeds up load times for repeating groups showing the list of models on the specific job. Now when you click Add in the Popup, it adds the Autocomplete Model directly to the list of Models for that Booking
*You may want to consider adding a List of Bookings to a Model, so that the model can easily reference which jobs they are signed up for

The repeating group is now data-Models
And references the Current Page Booking’s List of Models. This should be the quickest way to load and reference models assigned to a job


Monumental effort @gf_wolfer

Can’t thank you enough. Can’t wait to play with this.

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