Help with Advance FIlter

Hi, please see the screenshot, i have these two Advance filters, i m trying to count the number of sessions on selected month.

in DB, i have WaduSession1 and WaduSession 2 marked as Yes in month of Aug but its only showing me as 1, see screenshot 2
i m not
2022-08-12 at 16.58

I would appreciate some help please


Guys, i would appreciate some help here pleaseee :(((

A general tip for debugging a complex filter… break apart each component of a filter’s expression and use each as the data source for repeating groups you create for test purposes. This will show you what data each filter component is returning, and then you can isolate where the problem is.

Note also that in your filter, it operates as an “and” – meaning that something will need to pass both of the advanced filters you’ve listed in order to be returned as a result.

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