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Help with API workflow not creating list of Things

I’m hoping someone can help me with this issue I’m running into on an API workflow (maybe @Jici or @gaby …you’ve been so helpful to me in the past and I appreciate it :-).

I’m trying to save a list of Things the User has access to on a 3rd party app. The Oath and individual calls have been initialized for the integration with the 3rd party. After making the call to get the list of Things (Projects), I have an “API workflow on a list” to actually create the projects. However, only one project gets created (there should be 2) and not all of the parameters get saved properly.

Here’s a screenshot on the User’s 3rd party app showing both projects:

Her’s my workflow to get the Things (Projects) from the 3rd party app:

And then here’s the workflow to create the project:

Finally, here’s the result after the workflow runs. Only 1 project gets created (should be 2 projects) and some of the parameters are missing “p2” and “p3”:

So, here are my questions:

  1. Why is it only creating 1 project, and not the 2 I would expect?
  2. Why are some of the parameters missing?

I really appreciate anyone looking into this.