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Help with building 'book a viewing' system

[Deleted the post] - managed to figure it out!

This is something I would do in this situation:

Data Type: Viewing

  • Property Type: Property
  • Tenant Type: User
  • Landlord Type: Landlord/User (Whatver you have it set as)
  • Time Requested Type: Date
  • Backup Time Type: Date

To assign the landlord I would:
(Do a search for property=property selected)'s landlord

I know this was probably hard to follow but hopefully it helped just a little.

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Thanks, I’m going to give the booking system a go tomorrow and I’m sure your advice will come in handy!

Awesome! I think i left one thing out:

  • Accepted? Type: Yes/No Default: No


I will share the time and cost estimate for the given requirement by tomorrow.

Skype: cis.norman

Thanks Norman, PM me tomorrow with the information.

I have send you a PM


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