Help with Calendar Database

Hello everyone, I’m struggling to understand how to get the database and the elements to essentially work with each other.

Roughly I have a calendar that has shapes in every grid used to change the color of each grid. Gray when unclicked, Green when clicked once, and Red when second time. Then this goes back to green and red respectively after each click. This is suppose to show availability of the entire day.

I’ve set up a data type with Availability-Dates which holds the date which cell it was in and the color stored for the data fields. Now the conditional on the shape that changes color only changes color based on the color it is on currently (not tied to any saved data). I’m struggling to understand how do I access this data that is being saved that I can see in App-data tab in Data. Since this is a monthly calendar I assume the button that allows the months to change should update every shape, but I also don’t understand how I can edit the shapes in the repeated group from a button outside of the group.

Any insight into how I can tackle this would be appreciated.