Help with capacity charts analysis


I tested my app with 20-30 users at the same time, using the personal plan.

This is how my capacity charts looked after the test. The test was on Monday 12pm (please focus only on this period).

As you can see, a lot of workflows were run (almost 800) with less than 140 page views. This might seem like a lot of workflows run for such a few page views, I guess this is because my app can be complex.

However, the 2 charts that are above that show the capacity consumption show that there was a small amount of capacity consumed.

Should I be concerned that there were too many workflows for so few page views or should I only worry when this 2 charts show spikes (the ones that analyze capacity specifically, see below)?

My guess is that this charts are a good sign of my app’s architecture since it is able to manage complex activity (lots of workflows per user) while consuming very low capacity, can anybody confirm if this reasoning is correct?

Is important for me to know how to analyze this since I am planning to scale this app to +10k users soon and I want to be able to project capacity consumption.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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