Help with Categories and Sub Categories

Hello So I been kind of trying to copy templates but at the same time add more to them so for my own personal exercise so after I had exhausted all my other options on adding 2 extra tabs to categories and I was wanting to mess with editing the sub categories I copied and pasted the categories but I am unsure how to add extra features to the sub categories and edit them if someone could help me that be great to help me explain how it is done.

let me know if i need more pictures of something else:)

Please refer to the above links. This might help you get the basics

thanks I watched this video alot before and after this post since you posted. Sadly I can still not understand or make sense of how the creator did this. But im just wondering how and where he went to input the sub categories so like you click something this pops up

but then if say you clicked another category then different sub categories pop up instead

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