Help with choosing platform

Hi everyone,
I am starting a new venture and would like to build a website for co-op for baby-sitting. The website will have some standard features but there some aspects that may be too complicated for me to build.
The website should have the following capabilities.

. Search members by location
. Payment handling
. User profiles with pictures
. Scheduling dates and times
. Online communications

I have three questions.

  1. Do you think that is capable of handling my requirements?
  2. Are there experts available should I need to ask for help?
  3. Are there developers available overseas that can help build my website cost effectively?
    Thank you in advance

Hi @tamarhelman

  1. Yes
  2. You will become the expert if you put the necessary effort (depending of your logical brain :slight_smile: between 2 weeks and 2 months )
    Use this forum to identify the experts. But first, you have to read many topics around the same question. It take some time to ‘catch’ Bubble but when you cross that line, there’s no come back! Enjoyment waiting!
  3. Again, you are the first one that must understand what happening under the hood. After, you can think about Fivers or PeoplePerHour things.

Welcome the Bubble world!