Help with "clear list" and Calendar events

Hi - I’m using the Full Calendar plugin. I can have “n” users looking at events on the calendar. I have those users added to a list (call the list “User has event visibility”)

For my app, when two people agree on an event, I have a workflow connect them. In the “Make Changes” workflow, I do a “clear list” to the “User has event visibility” list and then “add” back a subset of those users based on a criteria I have. The workflow and database work perfectly.

The issue is for the user who initiates the workflow by pressing a button. When they initiate the workflow, the calendar event (which does a search based on the “User has event visibility” list) visually removes the event from their calendar (event is in the database). When the user logs back in, the event shows up on their calendar.

How do I prevent the event from visually disappearing from the calendar when the user initiates the workflow?

Thanks in advance.


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I am having the same problem.

When my workflow changes a field within an event two things happen:

  1. the data in that field is changed
  2. the event disappears from the calendar, even though the date/time of the event remains the same.

If I refresh, the changed event becomes visible with the correct change the to the field present.

At the moment I am just refreshing the page, but is slow.

Has anybody found a work around?

I vaguely remember having similar experience and think i solved it by creating a new calendar event with the updated info and deleting the original event. So in the workflow, first step is to create the new event and second step is to delete original event. I believe that’s what i did to prevent the need to refresh as you mentioned.
There may be a slicker way do fix this problem from others but i’m pretty sure that was my solution (it’s been awhile since i’ve worked on my calendar app so details are a little fuzzy)

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Thanks Nikolai,

This somewhat solves the issue. :slight_smile: