Help with combining RG data that is grouped and aggregated

Hoping somebody can help here.

Building a leaderboard on my dashboard. Leaderboard consists of list of sales people and their stats. The problem I’m having is this business can have 2 different sales people for the same deal (SalesPro1 and SalesPro2). The (user) data type could be listed as SalesPro1 or SalesPro2 on a deal based on the structure of the deal itself which is causing me the issue. I am trying to build an expression that will combine the 2 separate Search for Deals:grouped by SalesPro1 and Search for Deals:grouped by SalesPro2.

I’ve tried the merge with and it doesn’t seem to allow you to merge searches once they have been grouped. I’ve tried merge with a separate RG, that can’t be done. Filters haven’t seemed to work either since the end goal is to be able to display the stats of the SalesPro as a whole such as total of deals, gross profit average and commissions.

Any suggestions? Would really appreciate the help everyone! I’ve been stuck on this for days.