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Help with Company ID


I am creating an application where in my database I have a Company which are created from within the app. Within this part of the database I have a list of users called ‘Employees’.

Within the User part of the database I have an entry of ‘Company ID’.

So, within the app, a user creates a Company and then the admin of the entire application can add a User to the Company. When this is done the user is added to the Employee section of the database and also, the Unique ID of the company is added into the User part. This all works great.

My app is intending to be collaborative, so the Team Leader of the application is able to invite users via email to join their Company. Also, this admin is able to remove members.

To do this, I have a repeating group displaying the current users and a ‘Remove’ function. This is where I have run into difficulty.

The repeating group works fine, but, when I click the remove function I can get the user to remove from the Employee part of the database but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove the company ID which is allocated to the user part of the database.

If I ‘delete a thing’ it just deletes the entire company. I can’t make changes to it.

Has anyone got any ideas please?

Thank you in advance!

Hi there, @MattW1994… if I understand your post correctly, it should be as simple as making changes to the effected user, and the change is to make their company ID field empty (i.e., set it to blank by doing Company ID = [leave this blank]).

Does that sound like what you are trying to accomplish?


That worked perfectly! Thank you - I think I was just over complicating it, amazing.

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