Help with conditions

Can you please tell me why its asking for more data?

Screenshot (202)

One of the ID’s seems to be off. I think you’re not referring to unique id…

This being said only reason this would happen is when first things Field Type and second thing’s Field Type are not the same. Like one is a text and another one is a number.

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That is usually due to a Type mismatch (like a List vs a type)

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nah, double checked, their both texts

The creator is a single reference to my users table

i can even grab the data from the URL which is a text and it still shoots off an error

Share a screenshot of Data Types’ Fields:

  • Message_creator id
  • User ID

oof, extra work.

The things inside bubble are all texts. , im 100%. Ill have to triple check the API, that might be the error.

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