Help with creating database

Hi everyone,

I am struggling with my database setup. It seems like it should be simple but I am realy struggling to find a way to create a new database using details found in an existing database.

For some background we pull contact info from Salesforce for each individual contact. I am now trying to create an ‘Account’ database for the company information and amount of contacts identified that sit within that account.

Hopefully that makes sense but let me know if not. Does anyone know the best way to achieve this?

Which part of that are you struggling with?.. as you say, it should be simple… just add a datatype for account, with a field for company and (if needed) an additional field for Contact count…

I have created a data type for ‘Account’ it’s more how do I then actually get the existing user data to then create the account data.

I have tried creating a workflow for “Create a new thing” and this workflow but that puts everything into a single data line.

You’re using ‘each item’ in the expression…

‘each item’ will give you the data for each item in the returned list of things… so if that field is a ‘text’, using ‘each item’ will give you a single text, containing the field data for each thing in the list, separated with a comma. (which is exactly what’s happening in your case, as that’s what you’re telling it to do)…

Without knowing exactly what you are trying to do, it’s hard to say what you need to do…

But, I’m guessing you just want the data from a specific thing from your search results to be set in each field, in which case you’ll have to specify which thing from the search you’re referring to…

The fact that your current searches seem to be returning a list with more than 1 item in it suggests that your search is not specific enough in the first place…

But again, without knowing exactly what you’re trying to search for I can’t really be specific, so feel free to share some more info… (i.e. what data are you trying to set, and what are your current search constraints?)…

Ahhh that makes sense,. I’ll try and be clear.

Currently I have a Dataset called Salesforce Users. This contains a list of 847 contacts with all of their personal info.; Email, first name, last name, company they work for ect.

What I am now trying to do is create an “Company Data” set as well using the Salesforce users dtaa set.

For example there are 10 Salesforce Users who work for Oracle. In the Company Data set I just want to display; Account Name, the website domain and the employee count which in this example would be 10.

the reason this needs to be in a sperate database rather than just filtering the Salesforce Users is because it will then have an APi workflow attached.

Hopefully that helps.

I can’t work out from your post where you’re intending to get the ‘Account Name’ and ‘Website Domain’ data from?.. but wherever that is you can just set it in the Create Company action…

(assuming all the SalesForce Users in the returned list have the same Account Name and Website domain, just use :first item’s Account name, and :first item’s email extract domain)

To set the employee count just do a search for SalesForce Users, where the company name is ‘Oracle’, and use :count to get the count.

All of the data is being found within the Salesforce Users data set

Account Name = Company they work for

Website domain = emal extract domain

The issue is that there aren’t all the same . For example there are 10 Salesforce Users for Oracle, 27 for Microsoft. I need to essentially condense that down to just create one instance for each Company/Account name within the Company Data Set

Does that make more sense?

there are over 300 different companies within the 847 Salesforce Users. Each of which need to have their own Account Name within the Company Data Set

So… as I said, just use :fist item’s Account Name, and :first item’s email extract domain

I tried this and it only creates one single line in the Company Data Set. I need it to create all 300+

I’m not entirely sure I know what you’re talking about now to be honest…

But maybe you’re asking how to create 300 database entries in the database, 1 for each Company? (although your original question was about setting up your database?)

If that’s correct, then you’ll need to create a backend workflow to create a new company, and run it recursively, 300 times, once for each company…

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