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Help with creating two functions

Hi all. I hope everbody is doing great. I have two questions and I would love to get your feedback on whether some of the thigs that I want to create are possible in Bubble.

  1. When an app is created to which the user can login - can you change the app environment for a specific user on app - e.g. customer A would like to have a form for data collection with fields X, Y, Z, while customer B would like to have form that collects data A, B, C.

  2. This one is probably a little more complex. Can i create a functions within the app, which would allow the user in their environment to create and build their own process flows. E.g. client A would like to set the following process in the environment: Every 3 months, a user X receives an automated email to upload a file into the app and to check that the task was performed. When this is completed assigned user (reviewer) Y received an automated email to check the data and confirm that the data has been reviewed.
    I imagine that this can be created from my side, but am wondering whether there is a way to grant the client a function to create such flows in their environment.

Thank is advance for you help

Jeez @jernejpocestnik, learn to walk before you run. :grinning: :wink:

  1. Definitely possible. for that you can f.i. use conditionality.

  2. Yes, also possible. There must be couple of apps out there who do this (to a certain extend). In short, on the front end it would involve use of a repeating group in which, based on the workflow step type chosen by the user, a group for that step type is shown. This group contains various input options for that step type. The settings the user chooses are then saved to f.i. a data type ‘workflow step’. In order to execute those steps, you would need to use a backend workflow to loop over the steps and to proces them in order. Of course there is more to it, but yes, it is definitely possible. And just to be clear, this is just one solution, there always multiple options when using Bubble.


MVP Design

Great thank for the reply. I wanted to be sure whether this can be done before i jump in and start :smiley:


Definitely jump in J. The joy of building something yourself with Bubble is immense.

There are a couple of good tutorials in the Bubble Academy, on Youtube and if you want a good course with a focus on design try this one, they often have discounts so just wait until it is 10 or 15 dollar.