Help with creating User Preferences After Initial Sign-Up

This is my first time ever on app builder, so I’m still not too knowledgable. Anyways, I’m trying to build an app with bubble and I am not sure how to go about with the user preferences. Here is a description of what I mean: After the the sign up page, I want the user to select a from a list (button type) of colors that they wish to use. These colors will then be grouped (supposedly) to help generate premade templates that the user can now select from based on the preference of colors they had chosen.

I have a database of valid color combinations. These valid combinations will help them find a viable match for their template. I created these combinations so that the colors chosen by the user can properly complement templates they may select from. It’s in csv format and has yet to be uploaded, into I guess JSON?

Is there a guide of some sort that is similar that someone can direct me to? Your inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!