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i m new to bubble and creating my first app, i am trying to create a simple dashboard to display some counts, for example:
i have a table with two columns

1- Giftbox received Yes / No
2- Giftbox received date

i want o to display the count of YES in current month and with date range with two date controls

i m able to count the number of totals “YES” but not able to put a current month condition.

i would really appreciate some help here.
Thank you

Hi there, @u4usama… if I understand your post correctly, you could use the following expression to show giftboxes received in the current month.

Then, if you have two date picker elements that enable the user to select a start and end date, you could have a conditional on the repeating group that looks like this.

Hope this helps.


HI Mike,
Thank you so much for your help, really really appreciate it.

it helped me a bit perhaps i m just too naive to implement it properly

so this is what i m trying to do
2022-06-19 at 21.21

i have a drop down with statis monthly values e.g May, June , July etc and a text box to display the number of Giftbox in the selected month.

i m trying to do what you did in your example , i m trying to use “IS IN” command, i think its the most relevant to check the the GitboxRecievedDate is in the selected Month but the Optionpicker appearing is disable.

i know it should be fairly simple to do but im able to crack it so far.

i would appriciate a bit more help here.

Well, what you described in the initial post and what you are saying you want to do now are a bit different. That being said, what you are trying to do isn’t actually all that simple if you are new to Bubble.

If it was me, I would use an option set for the months, and the option set would have an attribute to define each month’s number (1 through 12, of course). The dropdown element that displays the months would be set up like this…


With the option set and dropdown in place, the text element that displays the count would use an expression that is a search for giftboxes with an advanced filter. The search would look like this…

The advanced filter would look something like this…

Hi @mikeloc
Thank you so much again , i have made it partially working.

i have couple of questions:
1- Should Option Set have values (1-12) or (Jan, Feb… Dec)? i have it as 1, 2…12) ? Will it work with textual values e.g. Jan , Feb… Dec as well?
2- see screesnhot below, in your example, you have month’s value months number but its not giving me this option.
3- you also have AND in between two condition but again , to me, its not giving me this option

Thank you again for your help.

Set up your option set like this, and add each month’s number as the option’s attribute.

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@mikeloc it worked!!!

Thank you sooo much

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@mikeloc i m sorry for being a pain but i have one more question if you can help with.

i have an input box which display Mentor Name based upon the selection you make on Mentee dropbox, the filter is working fine , i m using this formular

but when i m trying to add this entry in DB using the workflow, i cant use “.value” like i m using for all other fields
2022-06-20 at 17.10

i m sorry if its not a complete context for you to understand the problem


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