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Hi All,

I am trying to make a Food Platform and running into an issue that no Youtube tutorials are helping me solve. This is probably very simple, but I cannot get my head around it!

In my database I have 3 database types. Users, Restaurants, Dishes. Please see my home page below:

A restaurant is associated to a user and then dishes are associated to the restaurant.

When searched

What I am trying to achieve is, when someone clicks on the restaurant name it takes them to a new page and shows a repeating group list of what dishes are associated to that specific restaurant. I have been using Page Parameters to send the data over to the next page, however I am struggling on how to configure the page parameters and repeating group.

Please see more screenshots below which may help

Any help would he greatly appreciated.

I have been able to get as far as this, but unable to separate the dishes into their own list.

Would it not make more sense to set the page up with a content-type of Restaurant, then just use slugs to pass the data in the URL path (rather than using query parameters?)…

In any case, it is very simple…

The RG’s content type needs to be be ‘Dish’ (NOT Restarant), and the datasource should be the current page’s Restaurant’s Dishes (or if you’re using query parameters then you’ll need to do a search to find the restaurant you need based on the parameter value).

Then just display the current cells dish’s name in each cell.

This has solved my issue - thank you so much.

I will look into slugs, still getting my head around Bubble. - thank you very much!

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