Help with data types?

Hello! I am adding some new data to my app and I am not sure the best way to structure it in the back end and could use some help or guidance.

I have a dashboard and would like to add some new data. For example, I want to click on a tab that says “Podcasts” which then takes you to a page with ~20 categories or so. Once you click the categories you will be brought to all the “podcasts” within that category. Once you click a specific “podcast” you are then brought to a “podcast” page where you can view a summary, the show website, etc.

In addition, I want to have a data table for the “sponsors” of each individual podcast. Therefore, the podcast data won’t change, but the sponsors each week will change and therefore need to be able to easily update hundreds of shows with the new sponsors each week to the table.

Should I have a “podcast” category and then a “podcast sponsor” category or just keep it one data type? Not sure the best approach.


Hi! I assume the categories for your podcasts don’t change very often, so a good idea is to use an Option Set for them. For the sponsors, which you mentioned change frequently, you can create a Data Type. Then, in your Podcasts table, you’ll add two fields:

  • one for ‘categories’ where you’ll link the Option Set
  • another for ‘sponsors’ where you’ll use the new Sponsors Data Type

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