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Help with deleting certain app data from a datatype (not the user/user datatype)

Hey everyone, as a user navigates through my app and they decide to find or give a shape, they will eventually be saved as a finder or a giver. I would like to add a button on the final page that allows the current user to delete what they have submitted under the finder or giver datatype.

Basically, I need help figuring out a workflow that allows my current user to delete app data under a data type, and not their whole account, or an element on the page. Here is a quick video I have created to display the problem so you can all see it. Please let me know if you understand how to solve this

@kryptoluna1234 the button should have two actions;

  1. delete thing > do a search for finder (user = current user)
  2. delete thing > do a search for giver (user = current user)

this way, data in the “finder” and “giver” datasets that were created by this user will be deleted, not the user themselves.

Hope this helps.

and choose the first item. That is in case a user can create one record in each dataset of course; otherwise you need to choose delete list of things instead of delete thing with the same filter applied

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Sorry for the delayed response, just got back from school! Thanks so much, this makes more sense and I know where to go from here!