Help with displaying API data on repeating table

I’m trying to pull the data from this URL : and put that on a repeating table.

For instance, there are a number of “Position” that I need to put on different rows but right now, that data is showing in only 1 cell. Help?

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Very quickly played with it.

Got this:

Did this to get it:

Setting for Repeating Group

Setting for individual cell:

Looks like what you are asking for.

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You’re amazing! Thank you!

No problem

Hi rowena, where did you get the list of end points available for the apollo dashboard api, ive been searching all over for it, can you please help out?


Got it from the Dev. Here are the endpoints. Add https:// before api<race_id>

Thank you so much!! rowena. also quick question, from which endpoint do you get data for scholars earnings?

Use this for renter earnings :<address>?since=1643760000

Here’s the dashboard I created. All data from this is being pulled from API : Your Bubble app

Thanks alot rowena, you were most helpful.