Help with dropdown menu and calculations


I´m struggeling a bit with the dropdown menus and calculations with expression and need some help from you guys :slight_smile:

Dropdown menus:

I made a calculator with 3 dropdown menus, each dropdown is getting the choices from the data base where I created the choices and values etc. In the preview function it all worked fine, then when I deployed my app it had one error on each dropdown that it should not be a text. I cleared the box for “default value”, it was “empty” before. But I hade clicked it so it thought I hade started to fill it out. Now I could Deploy the app, but the dropdowns doesn’t work in the live app. It works in the preview tho. Anyone knows what I´m doing wrong? See print below:
Skärmavbild 2023-12-18 kl. 15.27.42

Then I made some calculations with the help of an plugin called expressions. Same here, it all worked fine in the preview of the app. After I deployed the app it started to acting weird (Note that it only still works in preview due to my first problem above). The problem is that it now has a problem to handle odd numbers and the end result skyrocket. The inputs is in mm to calculate the area in m2 so I have to divide all inputs by 1000, so now if I put in the value 2500mm it works. But if I put in 2550 it freaks out, same if I do a larger number like 12 860mm. But 12 800 works

It so frustrating when it all worked a couple of days ago

If you send a light version it would be better understood.

How do I do a light version?

The second problem is fixed by it self over night (Could have been my internet connection if it was a bit slow and the update for the calculations bugging)

The problem with the drop-downs in the live version still don’t work (Works in preview still), could it have something to do with privacy? I haven’t made any privacy rules for the choices in the drop-downs so it should be visual to everyone

If data isn’t showing up in your dropdowns in live, it is likely because you have data in your development database that you don’t have in your live database. Deploying your app doesn’t copy data from development to live… you need to use the red Copy and restore database link on the App data tab to copy data between the environments.

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Thank you :innocent: Now all works lika a charm

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