Help with duplicates in RG and data send to New page

Please note: I went through all duplicate row issues and mine is unique because I want to send the data to another page as well.

What I have

  1. Hosts creates events

  2. Guests RSVP events with the food items they intend to bring & # of guests

  3. Host see their hosted events in “Hosted events” Page
    App Link: Rsvped | Bubble Editor

    What I want:

  4. I want to show unique events in “Hosted events page” created/hosted by the current user and when clicked on details button, that particular event details should be sent to the “Event details” page

  5. The Event details page should also show all RSVPs and the food items that they are bringing

Where I am stuck:

  1. If I make the “Hosted event” Page as “RSVP” Type and:


  • Hosts see duplicate events for each RSVPs. For example (below pic), two guests registered for his event “Parents Meet and greet” and on his “Hosted Events Page” this event appears twice
  • Correct data appears in the “Event details” Page with all RSVPs with their food items
    *****(Click on previous/next to see all RSVPs)

  1. If I make the “Hosted Events” page as “Events” Type and RG to search for events:
  • Displays unique events created by current user/host (no problem)

  • However, when the details button is clicked, nothing appears in the “event details” page - So I guess this option is ruled out

I have spent a lot of time with diff options around this and I am on the verge of breaking out!! Would really appreciate if someone could help me from this trap I am in. I am open to any major DB change or even if I have to build from scratch (as you can see I haven’t spent much time on style and responsiveness).

Hope someone is able to help me out :slight_smile:

Looks like this cant be done in .Bubble? Let me look for alternatives then. Thanks guys

You can do all of this in Bubble, you’re just basically doing it backward. Also, you shared a link to your editor, but it’s not viewable by others, so nobody can get in and see what it is you’re talking about.

But, some tips:

  1. Make your Thing names singular. (It’s not an Events, it’s an Event.)

  2. If people can RSVP for an Event, then an Event should have a list of RSVPs on it. (That is, while an RSVP can, and perhaps should [depending on what you need to do] have an Event type field on it, the best way to connect these things is via explicitly putting the RSVPs on the Event. What you’re doing now (RSVPs have an Event on them and that’s the only way of knowing who is attending an Event) is very obtuse and inefficient.

  3. Making a page that shows the details of an Event is trivial. Make a page. Make it of type Event. Design your page. Send an Event to that page from (for example), a Repeating Group that shows Events that have been created by some User. (When clicked, the action is Navigate > Go to Page [what page? My Event Page | data to send? Current cell’s Event])

:point_up: This makes no sense. If you want to display an Event in a page, make the page of type Event.

If you follow my advice above, now your Event page can easily display who’s coming… Because Events have a handy list of RSVPs on them.

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Thanks Keith. You are awesome! Did all the changes you recommended and it works now!

I was lost in my own ways for days and totally overlooked your suggestions!

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