Help with File Detail Display

Hi All,

I have two groups that I am trying to get to interact with each other. Group one is a repeating group that lists files that my customers upload. It also lists some details about the upload - This is “upload File” File type. The second group is a group with an excel like table in it - Here I am trying to display the actual fields from the uploaded file - This is “Auto Loan File” File type. Both file types are linked.

I want to be able to have the user click on the File name in Group one and then have the details from the “Auto Loan File” show up in Group two’s table.


Is it correct to assume you’re trying to use the Excel-like Handson table? If so, (to my knowledge) it cannot be used for displaying the content of an uploaded Excel/CSV file.

Rather, it needs to be data that already exists in your database (or that you retrieve from an API). (As well, the Handson table is built for record-based data. So, if your document is a calculator, it’s a double no go).

If you’re looking for some creative solutions for file previews, @ryan8 shared some here: How to show a file.