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Help with Glitch using likes feature

I have built a likes feature in my app but it is glitching.

The likes display on the videos I have stored in bubble.

The videos are stored in files and also have images connected to them. I uploaded all of the videos through option sets.

I built the likes feature using custom states because I couldn’t make a list of users through the option set feature on bubble.

Here is the Home Screen that I built with a repeating group where users can click and they then can watch the videos.

Everything is good and the like features works.

The problem I am having is the like button is sending the like data to the other items in the repeating group as well even if I didn’t like the video.

Please have a look here. These are both the first video in the first two pictures in the repeating group but I only like the first one not the second.

Here is also a link to preview my app


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