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Help with idea to do this

Hello, I have a project in process and I got into a difficulty. The api I make the calls has the function of creating users but for that 3 calls are needed The first call is the most important is to define the username, with this the registration is already created with everything necessary but comes with no password and no policy. To perform these settings it is necessary to have the user id, which is created for me on the first call (Call understand as post) with this user id I can register the password And user policies. How do I do this in a dynamic way so that my user does not have to do several actions when registering the user And yes something simple. Because in my opinion I’ll have to send the username in a post and collect the id with a Get, with this Get return, follow with the other two call post, all in one form and at once (I believe it’s the best way)

that’s a tough thing you doing bro I hope you get the answer of what you are seeking for I also struggled with many things while working on the coding of new putters

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hello, luckily I had an idea and it worked right away! in the first input where the first call is, I created the (save) button where the post is triggered and creates the user, so I store the id of this user created inside a custom states thus continuing the flow of calls. since the id was the key point !