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Help with incremental calcs on RG rows

I am building a commission calculator app that I had previously built this on Angular and am struggling to wrap my head around how to even go about building the math.

The user defines a list of commission rate Tiers: each tier has a min, max, and a rate. I.e. from $0-1000, a 5% commission rate applies. from $1000-2000, a 7% commission rate applies.

Then the user enters deals: basically each deal has a name and a sales amount. Then in each row of an RG, it should show the deal name, deal amount, and incremental commission on that deal.

How would I structure this math? It’s a lot of if/then logic applied on a line by line basis, and it has to be calc’d in order and track a running total to compare against the commission tiers. There is no concept of a “for loop” in bubble is there?


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