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Hi, I have a popup with some fields with which you can create a story. (see picture at the bottom) Everything is set up, but I only want the user to be able to create a story, when every input field is filled out and nothing is empty.
Does somebody know how to do that?

Best wishes

Hi there, @Jakob1… you should be able to add a condition to the button that says when the first field is empty OR the second field is empty OR the third field is empty, the button is not clickable. You could also go the other way and make the button not clickable by default, and then add a condition to the button that says when the first field is not empty AND the second field is not empty AND the third field is not empty, the button is clickable. Finally, you could put the inputs and button in a group and check the This input should not be empty checkbox on the Appearance tab of each input, and then the button would not run its workflow if any of the inputs are empty.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks, it worked out properly :smiley:

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I also entered a text, which says please enter a headline. This text should be visible, when the button “Erstellen” (create in German) is pressed and input headline’s value is empty. But this text is always visible, even when I didn’t press the button. Do you know why?

Did you uncheck the This element is visible on page load checkbox on the Layout tab? Also, that condition will only show the text while the button is literally being pressed. I’m guessing that’s not what you want, and there is plenty of content out there on how to do what you are trying to do here.

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