Help with lists

Hello All,
Please, I really need help!
I created a list of events with the fields: type, acronym and description;
Now I have to create a workflow grid (name and type) using the events from the previous list only when the “type” field is the same as the “Type” input of the workflow. However, in this workflow grid, in addition to using these events from the previous list, I will also have to add these other fields: Sequence, Deadline, Forecast (date) and Conclusion (date). Each event added to the workflow will be a line with Sequence, Event, Deadline, Forecast and Completion;
Once a workflow grid is created, I must allow the user to use this workflow (with all its fields) in any process;
And only when the workflow is in a process, can the user control the forecast and completion dates.
Thank you very much!

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